Welcome to SpywareSignatures : World’s most precise, comprehensive and accurate Anti-Malware database available online.

Individual Users: SpywareSignatures is an initiative taken to protect internet users from all vulnerabilities they face while surfing online. Providing users details about some of the most dangerous and malicious malware online, it helps them protect themselves and their privacy.

One of the best of its kind, SpywareSignatures provides you maximum details about any particular piece of malware. Most precise and comprehensive database ever available online, SpywareSignatures makes sure you have full knowledge about online threat which might sneak into your PC and steal your personal information.

SpywareSignatures keeps you updated on its latest threats and forwards you news and information which you might need to keep your PC safe from all kind of malware.

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Corporate Users: Not only SpywareSignatures provides a full knowledgebase to its visitors but also feeds databases of some of the most known and top notch anti-spyware companies. Our aim is to provide the end users and security companies a reliable and comprehensive database of almost all the known online threats using which surfing online would become more secure.

The Signature database generated by SpywareSignatures is offered to security companies to be used with their engines and making their databases more comprehensive and accurate. The database is updated daily and many new threats are added to it on daily basis.

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Our #1 Security Tip

Use Firefox and PREVENT Spyware!

Firefox is free and is considered the best free, safe web browser available today.

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